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Would you like to get connected and involved?

God has gifted you with your own unique skillset to serve in His Kingdom. Here at Bethel we have a wide variety of areas you can use your gifts in very practical and fulfilling ways. Below are various teams and opportunities for you to consider. If anything strikes an interest, please contact Patrick Kelly at or 517.787.8612 for more information.
indicates Planning Center Online training is required to participate.

Worship Arts Team*

We value seeking God for direction to build and shape worship culture here at Bethel. We are a small team who meet monthly to discuss the future vision of Bethel worship and plan special events.

Service Planning Team*

We value having a plan in place for each service. We love to shape and mold Sunday morning services from the ground up. We have a creative bent and a need to glorify God with all we are. Services are planned two weeks in advance on a rotational basis. We work closely with the Worship Arts Team.

Worship Service Participation*

We value worship participation. Music is only one of many tools we use to worship and we invite you to consider how you can be a part. Each person involved in the service plays a special role in offering up to God a worshipful sacrifice. These roles are for people who feel “at home” in front of a large group of people, who are able to communicate clearly and have a heart for God’s people. We have openings for the welcome, announcements/dismissal, prayer, and scripture readings. Scheduling would be to your preference.

Prayer Team*

We value prayer. We value community. Because of this, we make a team of prayer warriors available to pray with anyone who desires to come forward after the dismissal. We feel strongly that we need to bring our requests before God together and share in one another’s burdens. Prayer Team members are scheduled on a rotational basis one to two times per month.

Worship Team*

We value worship through music. We love to praise God for what He has done, is doing, and plans to do. We value preparation, punctuality, and creativity. We want to bring to God an offering that costs us something. We also want to make sure that what we offer is done with excellence and purpose. We are a small community within the church who desire to lead by example both on and off the platform. This is no place for showboating. It is every place for developing and nurturing God-given talents to help lead His people in the praise and adoration of the Holy One. We meet twice a week for rehearsal (on Wednesday from 6-7 p.m. and Sunday 8:15-9:30 a.m.). Scheduled to your preference. All teachable instrumentalists/vocalists are welcome. If this is you, download the Worship Team application below and turn it into the Secretary at the church office.

Audio/Video/Lighting (AVL) Tech Booth*

We value tapping into our God-given senses within our worship services. We believe audio, video, and lighting are tools we can use to help convey the gospel message. We also believe that these tools are instruments in the hands of their operators and are to be played with excellence and preparation. If you have a technical bent and love being creative with technology, this is your team. Techs are scheduled on a rotational basis and are required to be at the Worship Team’s rehearsals on Wednesday from 6-7 p.m. and Sunday from 8:15-9:30 a.m. Advance setup time is required for both rehearsals.

Video Team

We value creativity through video. The video team gets to go out on-site, capture the moments, edit them down, and present them to the congregation. All this has the focus of conveying the message of the gospel in a way that today’s culture can readily grasp. Meetings and shoot details vary by project and need.

Drama Team

We are a story-telling culture. We value stories that tap into our intellects and help convey things to our hearts. Through drama we seek to spread truth that lends itself to story form. This helps people take the core message of a half hour sermon and watch it unfold within five minutes. We are a team of people who are able to take direction and constructive criticism and turn it into works of art. Preparation usually takes two to three rehearsals and a dress rehearsal on performance day.

Photography Team

Visuals are powerful tools that tell more than words ever could. We are a team who love to capture the extraordinary moments God gives us everyday. From specific tasks to casual walk-in-the-park shooting, we love to put on display God’s handiwork. We have seasonal weekly meetings.

Dance Team

The beauty of rhythmic movement can still a person. Dance is one of the ways God designed our bodies to express the otherwise inexpressible. We plan dances for special services and when appropriate throughout the year.

Special Performance*

We value the special offering, an offering that is above and beyond the norm. We create space within our services to put the gifts God has given groups and individuals on display, all to His glory. These special performances are not limited to music. We encourage dramatic readings, poetry, and storytelling. If you have an idea for a special performance, please contact the Worship Director.


God is writing His grand story. We are all a part of it. What is your part in His story? We value telling God’s story through His people. This is a powerful way to encourage each other and display God’s faithfulness. We value knowing each other. A testimony opens up our eyes to who people really are and how God has used them to further His purpose. We use video, monologue, and interview styles to help people tell their story. No matter who you are, what you have done, your testimony is worth hearing. We can make special accommodations for those who are less comfortable being in front of a crowd.

Worship Choir

Practices September through Easter, Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m. and on Sunday mornings from 10-10:30 a.m. Typically, the Worship Choir performs once per month.

Celebration Ringers (Bell Choir)

Practices Wednesdays and before the Sunday School Hour. Celebration Ringers usually perform the last Sunday of each month, although that can vary. The group also performs twice annually at a nursing home or retirement residence. Service roles include coordinator and bell ringers. Ability to read music is a must.