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Who We Are

Bethel Is Its People

Churches are often thought of first as buildings. While Bethel does indeed have a building, we are really much more than that: we are our people. We are a congregation that has as many as three generations of families active and attending. Our backgrounds represent both long-time natives of the Jackson area and people who have relocated to our community more recently. We have people employed in both blue- and white-collar careers. We have children who attend public and Christian schools, and those who are home-schooled. We come from many different upbringings, both churched and unchurched. Though we are a diverse group, we are united by our faith in Jesus. Our common trust in and submission to him allows us to bring our differences together to form a rich tapestry of worship, service and instruction. So come as you are and let’s seek God together.

Worship Style

Churches are also often regarded according to their “style of worship.”  Every Sunday morning is a little bit different. In general, we have a blended style that seeks to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in worship. We believe that worship music across the ages has value and can be made relevant. We are not afraid to sing hymns or more contemporary music, and frequently feature both in our services. What matters most to us is that our focus is on God. In our busy world, it is difficult to dedicate much time to worshiping him, so on Sundays we want to take full advantage of the opportunity to do just that. From the songs we sing to the sermons that are preached, we make sure that our primary resource is the Bible, and that our attention is directed toward God.

Our History & Affiliations

Bethel has been a part of the Jackson community since 1954. We partner with ministries such as the Center for Women and other ministry oriented organizations to reach out to the Jackson community.