Missionary Newsletters

Our Missionaries

Bethel Supports international and domestic missionaries who do all sorts of work for the Kingdom of God. Some are in 3rd world countries translating the bible into the native language and some are state-side helping missionary organizations with daily operations. As we are one body with many parts so are the missionaries who go in Jesus’ name to spread His gospel.
We don’t just give money to people and say, “Godspeed.” We desire for our ministries to be an extension of each other. We desire that Bethel will have a presence in the missionary’s ministry and vice versa. Because of this, we ask our missionaries to give us consistent updates to keep us in the loop so we can celebrate the victories and pray for them in meaningful ways. This requires effort and time, but it’s so worth it. We get to peer into the lives of 21st century church planters, soul rescuers, and life givers. These are our people, a part of us, all in the name of Jesus. 
Due to safety concerns, some missionaries request that we not publicly distribute their information. We’ve intentionally omitted these people to be sure the gospel is not hindered in those areas. We love and pray for them!
Jim & Joy Abbott
JAARS – Wycliffe
Waxhaw, NC
Jerry & Dawn Carnill
Extreme Response
Loganville, GA
Walt & Sara Walkowski
Extreme Response
Jackson, MI
Center for Women
Jackson, MI
Michael & Agnieska Green
World Venture
Alex & Isa Jaruchik
Charlotte, NC
Brian & Sherri Jenks
Jackson, MI
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Warrenton, MO
Jane Powley
World Venture
Dakar, Senegal, West Africa
Carl & Cindy Reed
World Venture
Doug & Dawn Routledge
Crossroads Farm
Reading, MI
Youth Haven Ranch
Rives Junction, MI

Missionary Affiliates

Bethel also maintains relationships with certain missionaries who have been impactful to us as a church. While we’re not able to financially support these missionaries, we do our best to support them in other ways such as prayer, recognition, and hospitality. 
Josh & Brenda-Leigh Casey
John & Sue Slaiger
Missions Door
Providence, RI