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We value creating a safe, inviting environment which puts both parents and children at ease.
Bethel’s Nursery is available during both the Sunday School hour and the Sunday Worship service. We provide the Nursery for infants through two-year-olds, in the West Wing, Lower Level, Rooms #22 and #23. It’s meant to be a warm, welcoming place for our littlest visitors.

Sunday School Hour

(9:30-10:30 a.m.)


Preschool (ages 3-5)

Bethel’s Preschool group is for three through five year olds (not in Kindergarten), and is located in the Kids Wing. This group is meant to engage children through crafts, play, music and Bible stories during the Sunday School hour, making learning both safe and fun.


Bethel’s Kindergarten and First Grade group meets in the Kids Wing. This class is for those just beginning school. This group has a little better understanding of the classroom setting and provides a little more structure.  


This group is for 2nd through 5th graders and meets in the Kids Wing. This class is for kids who are beginning to make decisions for Christ and understand what that means. It features learning games, targeted Bible studies, skits, songs and student participation.

Sunday Worship

(10:45 a.m.-Noon)


Bethel Kids

Bethel Kids consists of Gospel oriented story telling and activities that help them with practical application of God’s Word. Kids arriving after Sunday School can be checked-in to their appropriate rooms before the service. Kids can be picked up in their specific age graded rooms after the service. Children will need to be securely checked out by an authorized parent.



AWANA is a program for kids that teaches them about and from the Bible, and encourages them to memorize Bible verses in a fun and active environment. At Bethel, our AWANA club meets Wednesday nights during the school year, from 6:15p to 7:45p, September through April. The program includes activities for both boys and girls ages 4 years through 6th grade, and is divided into the following clubs:
– Cubbies: 4 and 5 year olds Sparks: Kindergarten through 2nd grade boys and girls
– Truth & Training: 3rd through 6th grade girls (called “Treasure Seekers” at Bethel)
– Truth & Training: 3rd through 6th grade boys (called “F.O.R.C.E.” at Bethel)
The evening is separated into different segments: reciting Bible verses and facts from memory (Handbook Time), playing fun, active games around the AWANA circle (Game Time), and having a time of Bible study, Bible drills and awards (Council Time).


A fun and interactive time for preschool aged boys and girls.  It features two handbooks written in a fun, storybook style that appeals to preschoolers. The handbooks contain 24 Bear Hug sections along with six optional special-day sections. Each section combines basic Scripture memory with parent-child activities to help a child grasp a simple biblical truth. Two extra-credit handbooks containing additional memory verses and character-building activities are also available.


Sparks curriculum is comprised of three handbooks. Each handbook builds a foundation of biblical wisdom through memory verse drills, crafts, activities and review of key doctrine and Bible facts. Fall 2010 will see the completion of a three year update to all handbooks and corresponding club materials. The first handbook, HangGlider, begins a sequential journey through the Bible, starting with Genesis and ending with Joshua. WingRunner takes Sparks on the next leg of the trip from Judges to the birth of Christ. SkyStormer brings the curriculum in for a landing, exploring God’s Word from the ministry of Christ to Revelation.

Truth & Training (T&T)

Each of the four handbooks in our Truth & Training clubs investigates four questions. Eight answers from the Bible are provided for each question. Children will learn all eight answers to each of the questions and verses to back up these answers. The handbooks also include Bible studies and activities that allow children to delve into the subject matter. Besides this curriculum, children can complete more challenging extra-credit sections throughout each handbook to earn special awards.


General AWANA Info

You can register for AWANA by downloading and filling out this form: AWANA Registration Form . You can then email it to or turn it in at the Bethel Church office. Please contact the AWANA Commander at with any questions regarding registration.
Handbooks and Uniforms
Each child works through a handbook during the year and receives award pins and patches that are then displayed on his or her uniform. The handbook gives the children direction, and the uniform gives them a sense of being part of a group and pride in achievement. Each of these, the handbook and uniform, will be provided by Bethel at no cost to the parents. Please contact the AWANA Commander at to find out more info and replacement costs.
There are no dues or financial costs to participate in AWANA.
Shares and Store
During the year, children in the Sparks and Truth & Training programs receive “shares.” Shares are earned by the children through attendance, working in their books, contest participation, bringing friends and taking part in special AWANA nights. These shares are saved and four times a year the clubber can spend them at the AWANA store.
Cancellation Policy
In the event of bad weather, AWANA may need to be canceled for safety reasons. It is our policy that if the Northwest School District has canceled school on a Wednesday because of bad weather, our program that night will automatically be canceled. If the weather should become inclement late in the day and we deem it necessary to cancel AWANA for the safety of the kids, parents and those who serve in AWANA, we will give our best efforts to contact parents and to make that information readily available through various means.