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Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.

1 Corinthians 12:7

There are many ways to serve “the common good” of the Bethel family. Listed below, you will find a great variety of ministries, from completely behind the scenes to being in front of others; from taking place at Bethel’s facilities to out in the community; from working with food to working with technology. All of them are a blessing.
Please review the list, and if you have interest in any particular place of service, please contact the church office @ 517-787-8612 or email and we will connect you to person in charge of that area.

Benevolence Team

The Benevolence Team seeks to serve both Bethel and the community when needs arise. Services include: financial assistance, including planning and counseling; referring people to appropriate public assistance agencies; providing food in emergencies, as well as on an ongoing basis as needed; temporary help with home care and maintenance; clothing; health care; and other extenuating circumstances. If you are gifted with being able to come alongside people who are in need and help with resources or to find resources that will aid them, this might be a ministry for you.

Decorating Team

Just the right kinds of decorations can help people feel welcome and better appreciate what is happening during a particular season or service. Working in consultation with the Senior Pastor and Director of Worship Arts, this team will come up with ways to subtly and creatively communicate or represent a particular theme. If you enjoy presenting things visually and have a knack with decorations, this could be a ministry fit.

Children’s Bulletin Board Team

Bulletin boards can serve as wonderful reminders and reinforcements of our faith, particularly with young ones. This team works to maintain and update all bulletin boards pertaining to Children’s Ministry, with all supplies provided by Bethel. If you like to be creative with a bit of whimsy, you would enjoy this ministry.

Church Life Team

So many times, food and drink play an important role in getting together. The Church Life Team organizes these important elements for church activities and meetings. If you enjoy cooking or helping to organize events, this could be the perfect ministry for you.

Communion Set-Up Team

Jesus commanded his followers to partake in the bread and the cup in remembrance of him. The Communion Set-Up Team has the privilege of aiding the Bethel family in celebrating this important meal each month. Team members typically work in pairs—one pair each month—to assemble the elements prior to the worship service and cleanup following the service.

Greeting Team

Everyone likes to feel welcome when they come to church, whether it is as guests for the first time, or as long-time members. The Greeting Team serves the church family by enhancing how members and guests experience our Sunday morning activities. Whether offering a warm welcome, giving directions, or finding information, our greeters offer personalized assistance for those attending Bethel. Three teams of two people each volunteer for a month at a time rotating two or three times per year. If meeting people and making them feel at ease are enjoyable for you, please investigate this ministry.

Lawn Rangers

First impressions are important, and one of the ways a church makes a first impression is through the care of its lawn and landscaping. Bethel’s Lawn Rangers help to make sure that first impression is a good one by keeping the lawn groomed and the landscaping looking good. The work takes approximately three hours each time and is done between Thursday and Saturday each week. People are divided into teams, and typically a single team will work three or four times per mowing season. If you like working outdoors and have some aptitude for yard equipment, this is the ministry for you!

Meals Ministry Team

When a family brings home a baby, or when someone has to go through a surgery, one of the things which becomes difficult for them is preparing a decent meal. The Meals Ministry Team steps in to provide home-cooked meals to alleviate that burden for a period of time. If you enjoy cooking or helping people during a time of personal or family need, this is a great way to live that out.

Missions Team

The Great Commission compels us to reach out to others with the gospel. Out of obedience to Christ, Bethel supports missionaries and ministry organizations which aid us in our efforts to share our hope. The Missions Team serves the church family by maintaining communication with these missionaries and organizations, and by helping to bring them before the church so that people are aware of the work being done and how these ministries might be lifted in prayer. Having a love for missions is wonderful qualification for being part of this team.

Property Team

An important part of how Bethel carries out ministry is the church facilities. As a result, our building and grounds require regular maintenance and updating. Bethel’s Property Team oversees this work, and members of the team are often involved in seeing the work be completed. The team meets monthly with Bethel’s custodian to discuss current needs. If you have skills in property maintenance, you would enjoy being part of this team.

Technology Team

Technology has become an important part of how we get things done, including ministry. The Technology Team serves the Bethel family and staff by keeping all computers and other tech equipment running smoothly, and by helping to seek out and evaluate technology-related solutions to issues or problems. If you have a knack for working with technology, this would probably be a good ministry fit.


Sunday services could not get accomplished without the work of the ushers. They serve the church family by assisting with seating, providing bulletins and handouts, facilitating our offering, greeting people, counting attendees, security and other duties as they may come up. If you enjoy taking an active role in the service and helping others, you would like ushering.

Visitation Team

Sometimes, it is difficult or impossible for people to be able to leave their home or care facility to take part in church activities. The Visitation Team seeks to minister to those who are “shut-ins.” The group operates in two-person teams visiting four or five shut-ins per month/quarterly, collecting prayer requests that are passed along to Bethel staff, and delivering small gifts. If you enjoy calling on and spending time with others, the Visitation Team could be for you.